The descendants of Gilles GOBELIN French dyer developed a new weaving method in the 1660s in the textile dying and weaving manufactures in the Parisian suburbs, and they stared a new era in the history of tapestry work. They used colours forty times more than previously, and created the legendary, monumental and beautiful woven tapestry, which honourably keeps their remembrance.
The name has become a collective noun throughout the centuries, and now the gobelin means not only the woven tapestry, but also the tapestry ornamented with the embroidery technique imitating that.
The art of textile and painting has often shared fate. Several famous artists have given difficult tasks to the weaver masters with their paintings. Even today, a lot of paintings are given new artistic form in woven or sewn gobelin pictures.

The art of embroidery is almost as old as sewing, as women have always paid attention to ornate their clothes. The square style Hungarian gentry embroidery is one of the most suitable sewing techniques, which creates the effect of woven drapery. The beautiful artwork is still created with this type of gobelin sewing with the help of light sewing frames and needles.

There are more and people who - trusting their creativity - are interested in embroidery and gobelin sewing.
the properly painted sheets or the well designed drawings are essential for their work. But they also need other tools as well: sewing console, frame, accessories, needles, and last but not least, excellent quality yarn in many different colours.

The hand-made gobelins are the most valuable, most beautiful love confessions, ornaments and gifts.

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